Let Your Creativity Guide To Your Most Productive And Fulfilling Days Ever

Introducing a transformative system,

that helps creatives get more done so that you can unlock your full potential, without draining the creative juices that make your work and life so meaningful.

Being creative is what lights you up, but it can also hold you back!

Look at it this way: if your creativity was all you needed, wouldn’t you have already made your mark on the world? YES!

So tell me…

What’s stopping you from unleashing your fullest potential?

Stop letting procrastination, creative perfection, and “bright, shiny objects” get in the way of your pursuits, goals, and dreams!

The truth is most “productivity hacks” don’t work for true creatives like you and me.

Let’s see if the C-Flow Method is for you…

  • Have other productivity systems failed you?

  • Do you feel like they just slow you down?

  • Or even worse, do they block your creative flow, leaving you unhappy?

The problem is...

...that creative types can learn every method on time management and even master the principles, but they just don’t help. And they can even dull our creative spark… so we resist and push back against these techniques.

  • ➔ Nothing has worked because those systems were not built for you.

    In the creative realm there are two different types of people: doers and dreamers.

    The problem: most productivity techniques are designed for doers. So let’s see which one you are…

  • ➔ Are You A Doer?

    Doers are constantly accomplishing everything on their to-do list. Structure and discipline is their game. They’re the workaholics, the mid-management company all-stars. They are productive by nature. They are fantastic team members. But they don’t overflow with ideas that will make a mark on the world. Their biggest problem is…they have no vision.

  • ➔ Or are you a Dreamer?

    Dreamers are visionaries. The “Big Picture” game changers. Where a doer may have an average level of creativity, a dreamer blows the top off.

    The problem for dreamers like us is… we lack discipline, and discipline is the main requirement for most productivity systems.

    Dreamers don’t thrive in structure and forced routines, but rather in passion and creative process. We thrive in vision and getting lost in flow. Where doers are goal-driven, dreamers are more about the journey than the destination.

    So if you’re a dreamer, you’re in the right place.

The C-Flow Method:

The Only Productivity System Built For You

The C-Flow Method is a proven and transformative approach to the way we experience and exist in time. It’s guided by a strict set of principles that prioritizes the four things that fuel success in your creative life:
  • Creative Work

    You are a natural creator. Creativity must be priority number one, or the system will fail. Creative work includes anything related to your creative goal and passion… Your art. Your book. Your business. Your next big project.

  • Fitness & Health

    If your body isn’t working at an optimal level, everything else falls apart. We must make time for basic fitness – including rest and healthy habits. Too many of us let this area of our life slip… and it impacts our creative pursuits.

  • LOve

    Without love, creativity cannot flourish. Relationships are paramount, but how can we structure them around the important priorities of our creative work and vital self-care? The C-Flow is how we get it all.

  • Wow! Experiences

    Think of an experience you’ve had that truly was “WOW!” For us dreamers it’s important to experience memorable moments. This is how we create more joy, fulfillment and inspiration for us and those around us, everywhere we go.

Course curriculum

Check out the list bellow ↓

    1. Introduction

    2. Lesson 1. The truth about productivity

    3. Lesson 2. Principle 1. Self management

    4. Lesson 3. Principle 2. Creative work

    5. Lesson 4. Practical exercise

    6. Lesson 5. Principle 3. Healthy habits. Fitness and sleep protocols

    7. Lesson 6. Principle 4. Love

    8. Lesson 7. WOW experience

    9. Lesson 8. Relationships with calendar

About this course

  • $26.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Where did the breakthrough C-Flow Method come from?

Those who know me best know that I’m pretty much a productivity junkie. That’s been the case for most of my career, but not everything I tried worked. That’s when I realized the difference between Dreamers and Doers.

So how did I come up with this method? It wasn’t just on a whim. It started in 2017 when I worked as a Media Director for a rapidly growing startup. I wanted my team to be more productive, so…

I gave them a gift. I wrote out an all-inclusive guide on how to become more productive in the company. After this new system worked for most everyone, they told me I should quit my job and write a book on how to become more productive, so I decided to take their advice. I posted a guide to the system that was downloaded 2,500 times almost overnight!

Meet The C-Flow Architect, Misha Saidov

  • Massive success with 8-figure businesses all over Europe and the U.S.
  • Highly educated: MBA and MSC in Economics and MA in International Relations
  • Author of two published books
  • Creator and founder of IMCP (The Institute of Metacognitive Programming)
  • Creator and Founder of Think Meta

About Think Meta

  • Largest

    coaching company in Europe

  • On track

    to become largest coaching company in the U.S.

  • Services

    offered in 26 language and 52 countries worldwide

  • Over 500

    certified metacognitive programming coaches

  • 50,000+

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  • 4,000+

    client sessions per month

Stop letting time
manage you!

I often tell my clients that productivity is not about managing time, but rather managing yourself in time and space.

Think of time as an endless current. You can’t stop it or swim against it, but you can manage your movements within it. And when you start harnessing the power of time and putting it to work for you…

Just wait to see all that you will create and become.