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Our coaches, therapists and physicians rely on the latest research findings from neuroscience, biomedicine and psychology to help you reach your peak performance and stay there.

  • 75% of participants stay with us for more than 3 months

  • 82% Of participants say that their experience with a coach has substantially changed their life

  • 99% say that the community they joined is the most accepting and supportive one could imagine

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Think Meta is your partner for personalized emotional health, mental resilience, and life performance.

  • 1498

    program participants

  • 142

    certified MCP coaches

  • 67

    coaching teams

About us. We...

  • are the largest

    coaching company in Europe

  • ​are on track

    to become the largest coaching company in the USA by 2025

  • operate

    in 26 languages in 52 countries

  • have certified

    over 500 metacognitive coaches

  • complete

    about 50000 individual coaching sessions a year

  • facilitate

    over 5000 group coaching sessions a year

Some of our client's stories


I was constantly afraid that I still wasn't enough.

“I was a very lazy coach in terms of sales in the first half of The Exponent,” Angelica honestly says about her path in the program. What was the main reason?


Will I succeed?

“I didn’t know who the coaches were nor what they did. I’m a lawyer and have twin girls. I was on maternity leave when I found out about the program.” How did it happen that Saglara not only joined The Exponent but became our Academy’s coach even before graduation? Here is what she said in an interview with Mikhail Saidov...